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Supplier evaluation using scoring model

One of avisor’s core functions is a performance review of the cooperation between ordering parties and suppliers. A newly released add-on provides an additional metric for evaluation. It is built on a scoring model for your suppliers.

The scoring model is a quantitative, non-monetary analysis method that uses decision theory to help simplify the analysis of numerous complex potential actions. It breaks down the various elements based on the preferences of the decision-maker into a multi-dimensional target system. The ordering is depicted through an assessment of the overall value of the different alternatives.

Scoring models are frequently used when “soft” factors – those not capture by monetary or statistical analysis – are in play and which need to be accounted for during decision making.

  • Assessment of the metrics is performed via freely configurable Actions and Document Status categories that accounting for authorisation structures.
  • The weighting of the criteria can be adapted freely for each configuration.

Contact us to learn more about this free extension and how it works in your avisor landscape.

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