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Handbooks and Instruction Manuals

Product: avisor

The innovative ordering and invoicing system for third-party services, fully audit-compliant.

Download als Pdf-File avisor Quick Start guide as PDF file (approx. 500 KB)
Download als Pdf-File Instruction manual: Import of maintenance group data (approx. 122 KB)
Download als Pdf-File avisor Installation as PDF file (approx. 120 KB)

Product: avanis

The simple and innovative program for inviting tenders and awarding contracts

Download als Pdf-File avanis handbook as PDF file (approx. 510 KB)

Notes on the PDF Format

The documents listed above are in PDF format. You will need appropriate software, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, to load, view or print them out. The current version of this program is available free from the Adobe-Website.

If properly configured, Acrobat Reader can be launched directly from your web browser. This is performed in Netscape, for example, under the menu item “Preferences > Applications”. The PDF files on the awato Software website can generally be read using Acrobat Reader version 4.0 and newer.