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About us

Introductory Remarks

Michael Iwanowski
Company Owner
Minister for Commerce in North Rhine/Westphalia

As the owner of the company, I am well aware of the importance of investing in new software technology. avisor is my way of delivering you security — and showing you the path to demonstrably greater efficiency in logistic workflows — and by extension monthly savings.

One of the finest proofs of the efficiency of our avisor software, itself the fruit of many years of development, comes from the corporations that have been using it highly successfully for years now in the facility management field.

awato GmbH is a family owned and operated company. When you work with us, you’ll always be working with a personal, competent contact and not an anonymous call centre or service facility.

We are in a position to react quickly and flexibly to your individual desires and your company’s specific needs. Our software developers and service employees stay with us for the long term, ensuring solid, consistent support and customer care. My team and I would like nothing better than to be a faithful companion on your path to a successful future.

You have my word on it!

Unterschrift Michael Iwanowski


A Company with History

Founded in 1989:
awato was founded in 1989 as C+P Systeme GmbH, with proven experience in the execution of IT projects and development of high quality software.

Emerged from the development of the innovative avisor standard software (awarding of orders and invoicing of services of all types), with awato establishing itself as a proven leader in the IT field for industrial clients.

Building on the success of its avisor software, awato has expanded its range of services beyond standard software to include the following IT service fields:

  • Software development
  • Support centre

Software Development

Our company is focused on the upkeep and improvement of our standard software avisor, as well as the implementation of customised software projects:

• Planning and conceptual design • Implementation and roll-out
• Support services
• Development of customer-specific software applications
• Integration solutions and interfaces
• Migrations and ports

Our employees are certified in the areas of development and QA and apply standardised processes in their daily work. Take advantage of our experience and know-how in the implementation of your projects.

Our Goals

awato – The Heart of Truth …

Drawing on Japanese mythology, we view this term as a guiding motif for our actions: We seek the heart of truth and insight — to offer our customers optimal products.

Put somewhat more concretely: We know that we need to provide more than just smooth-running software solutions for your daily work. Our supporting service must also be just right. Our work and attention is focused toward you, our customer.

From the first moment we begin collaborating with you, we want to show you how reliability and personal care are the consistent guiding principle in our work. You won’t ever deal with a rotating stable of contacts on our side. We assign a dedicated contact or contacts to each account, to learn your specific needs and meet and exceed your expectations through personal dedication and responsibility.

That is the heart of truth —
the “awato” of our success.

Our Philosophy

Buddha Philosophie

“You are responsible not just for what you do, but also for what you do not do.”

Laozi, Chin. philosopher, 4-3rd century B.C.E.

In the centre of our reception hall stands a large statue of Buddha from Thailand. It symbolises inner strength and balance — prerequisites for efficient programming.

Our international work in various business areas has helped make us more cosmopolitan, and this attitude is reflected in the space we occupy.

awato – at home throughout the world. Come visit us and experience for yourself the unusual atmosphere that helps make our awato products so good.

awato, the IT-company