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Product: avisor

The tried-and-tested invoicing program for maintenance services

Note: The following individual components allow administrators to repair a malfunctioning installation of avisor. These files do not replace the original setup. We recommend restoring avisor using the dedicated repair function in the setup software.

Download als Zip-File avisor binaries (without setup, Vers. 4.2 approx. 9.2 MB)
Download als Zip-File Blank avisor database (avisor.mdb, 80 KB)
Download als Batch-File Batch file for registration of avisor 4 components (2 KB)
Download als Batch-File Batch file for de-registering of the avisor 4 components (2 KB)
Download als Help-File avisor 4 Help (chm file, 190 KB)

Product: avanis

The innovative tendering and job awarding system

Download als Zip-File Print templates (7 KB)


Download als Zip-File AviCheck (Version, 91 KB)
Component-Checker for avisor 4.0
Download als Zip-File AviCheck (Version, 66 KB)
Component-Checker for avisor 3.5
Download als Zip-File Coolgrid (1,6 MB)
The ZIP file contains version 2.0 of the “Awato CoolGrid” spreadsheet control element. There is also a quick-start guide and a description of all features in this version. Awato CoolGrid is free to use.

General Tools

A program for compressing and decompressing files. It is required for our downloads.

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Many files on the Internet are stored in this format, which was developed by Adobe. This helpful program allows you to view those files.