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Microsoft Update Problem

Updates from Microsoft released on 13 August 2019 have caused problems with avisor. We already delivered an avisor hotfix on August 15, 2019 to fix this problem. Microsoft also released further updates on August 16, 2019. Enclosed you will find a list of the updates that cause the problem and the corresponding updates that fix the problem. We have included our hotfix in our release and update service. Please perform an software update, if you still have display problems in avisor.

Microsoft fixes Update from 13.08.19

If you have problems with avisor after you have applied a Windows update, we recommend the following Microsoft updates to resolve this problem:

Windows 10 (Versionen)

  • KB4512534 (1809)
  • KB4512509 (1803)
  • KB4512494 (1709)
  • KB4512474 (1703)
  • KB4512495 (1607)
  • KB4512276 (1507)

Windows 8.1

  • KB4517298

Windows 7

  • KB4517297

Please use the avisor hotfix if the above Microsoft update from 17.08.2019 does not solve the problem.

avisor-Hotfix Download

Please download the following file and copy it into the avisor program folder: https://www.awato.de/download/files/oleaut32.dll

The default path of avisor is:
On a 64 Bit system: C:Program Files (x86)awatoavisor4
On a 32 Bit system: C:Program Filesawatoavisor4

We were able to identify the following updates for the problems:

Windows 10 (Versionen)

  • KB4512508 (1903)
  • KB4511553 (1809)
  • KB4512501 (1803)
  • KB4512516 (1709)
  • KB4512507 (1703)
  • KB4512517 (1607)
  • KB4512497 (1507)

Windows 8.1

  • KB4512488
  • KB4512489

Windows 7

  • KB4512506
  • KB4512486

Uninstalling these updates may help you to work with avisor again.

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