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avisor – News

Many of our customers enjoy the benefits of our rental licence model. It involves a software licence for avisor for a specific period, typically a half-year. If the customer has an ongoing relationship with his client using avisor, then the rental licence is then automatically extended for an additional six months. This is an upgrade from the previous renewal process, which required a phone call to update the software licence and prevent it from switching
For you as an avisor customer, enjoying this benefit is as simple as switching to the latest version of the software and setting the special parameters for your desired avisor configuration. We’ve included a small how-to guide on activating the “Technical Employees” feature to help you with this. Please contact us by telephone with any additional questions. Download: Technical Employees How-To TE-How-To.pdf Back
One of avisor’s core functions is a performance review of the cooperation between ordering parties and suppliers. A newly released add-on provides an additional metric for evaluation. It is built on a scoring model for your suppliers. The scoring model is a quantitative, non-monetary analysis method that uses decision theory to help simplify the analysis of numerous complex potential actions. It breaks down the various elements based on the preferences of the decision-maker into a
Here’s how to proceed: Select the desired documentTo initiate the data transfer, open the Menu Item ? / Support / Database ExcerptThe resulting dialogue offers several options: 1. You can send the database excerpt via email to our Support team2. You can send the database excerpt via web service to our Support team3. You can transmit the database excerpt manually • Once you’ve launched the Wizard 1. You’ll see a progress bar2. A log entry with the status of the action