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Automatic licence renewals

Many of our customers enjoy the benefits of our rental licence model. It involves a software licence for avisor for a specific period, typically a half-year. If the customer has an ongoing relationship with his client using avisor, then the rental licence is then automatically extended for an additional six months. This is an upgrade from the previous renewal process, which required a phone call to update the software licence and prevent it from switching back to demo mode.


Although this process is designed to be very lean and error-proof, we nevertheless have decided to install automated handling. Starting with version 4.2.1797, avisor detects the upcoming expiration of the rental licence and queries the user about an extension via the awato Software website. If a payment for the next rental interval is received before the final expiration of the rental licence, then the program extends the software licence automatically without further action from the user.

For you as an avisor customer, enjoying this benefit is as simple as switching to the latest version of the software and ensuring that payment is received in a timely manner.

Siera, Alpha and X-Ray are thus all things of the past.…

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